DEALPalette automotive marketplace gives you an easy way to save money for all your car care needs in the following ways:

We sell stuff that your car needs: DEALPalette features a great selection of high-quality products and services from your local service centers. We offer variety of deals on all types of repairs and maintenance services that your car would ever need, with guaranteed satisfaction.

We bring reputed local repair centers close to you: You can obtain quotes from best repair centers nearest you that offer the lowest possible price. These friendly neighborhood service centers have certified and knowledgeable staff, and expert technicians to diagnose and fix your car quickly.

We offer parts transparency and warranty: You will know what parts were replaced with full dealer transparency and offer extended repair warranty.

Communicate with mobile device: We enable convenient business interactions using your smart phones for a rewarding experience for you at every visit. You can browse, locate, receive quotes, purchase, and make appointments - all from your smartphone or tablet.

Founded in 2012, DEALPalette is a shiftMobility, Inc. marketplace.