How do I access DEALPalette marketplace?

Its easy to sign up.

1. Sign up for a free account access.
2. Log onto DEALPalette.com.
3. Search for repair and maintenance service deals. Example Oil Change or a Brake Service.
4. Buy a DEAL that you like.
5. Take your car to the service center with the order receipt.

What is DEALPalette Rewards?

You can accumulate DEALPalette Rewards with every purchase and visit to the local service center. These rewards can be redeemed on all types of repairs and services. There is no limit.

How can I get $25 gift certificate?

When you sign up with DEALPalette, you will receive the $25 gift certificate that is good towards labor charges on any service of your choice at certain repair centers.

What services are available through the DEALPalette marketplace?

All types of automotive repairs and services are available on our network.

What car brands are serviced by the repair centers?

Repair centers featured in DEALPalette marketplace perform services on all makes and models such as American, Japanese, and European cars.

What are the key features on DEALPalette.com?

DEALPalette marketplace gives you, the consumer, the ability to search products and services, compare prices, buy deals, request for quotes, check your rewards, and make appointments.

After I buy the deal, where do I take my car for repair and maintenance work?

You can either take a printout of your transaction, or show an electronic copy of your purchase confirmation to the service center named in the contract. Service centers can also confirm your purchases online and make appointments. We recommend you make an appointment using our online calendar feature.

What does DEALPalette Protection offer?

At DEALPalette, we want you to have a great experience with retailers and service centers on our network. DEALPalette offers second opinion and service advice from ASE certified technicians, authorized automotive dealers, and Top Quality Service Centers on repair recommendations to ensure that you are only fixing what is necessary and not exceeding car manufacturers repair specifications. FREE inspection is also available if you need them at certain locations, and you would need to provide the facility a copy of your original estimate for evaluation.

What warranty coverage do I get?

Most of the service centers featured on DEALPalette provide 12000 miles/12-month warranty to cover all types of repairs. Extended or lifetime warranty are available on certain products and services and are listed on the retailers deal. We recommend you read the deal descriptions carefully.

How can I return orders that were not redeemed?

If you do not wish to redeem the order on a deal that has not expired, you can return them for full refund, in accordance with our return policy. Expired deals cannot be refunded nor can they be redeemed after their expiration date.

How can I request refund on deals accidentally redeemed for which no services were performed by the service center?

You should print a copy of the deal and get it signed by the service center authorized principal for proper verification and refund processing by DEALPalette customer service.

How do I contact DEALPalette Customer Service?

You can fill the form under Contact Us. After your request is received, DEALPalette support representative will be in touch with you within 48 hours or two business days.